Can Teen Gaming Be a Problem?
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Can Teen Gaming Be a Problem?

Teen gaming can become a problem if it goes unchecked - make sure you regulate the amount of time and the types of games that your teen plays.

Teenagers are almost the first to hear about new technoogy, and learn how to use it almost as fast as the people who made it in the first place. While cell phones and music players are all things that teens know how to use, nothing grasps a teen's attention gusta video games do. It's a normal thing for all teenagers to be interested in, and can actually have mentally healthy repecussions. However, video games can also be a negative, causing stress, procastination, bad work ethics, anger management issues, and social disability.

When Gaming is a Problem

In order to encourage your teen that gaming is something that they should take in moderation, be sure to set out some guidelines regarding how much they can play, and what they can play based on their age. Ultimately, it is up to you, as a parent, to decide what they are allowed to play and for how long each day. However, the ERSB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) puts helpful ratings on the front of each game that tells you the recommended age group for the game. For more information about game ratings, go to

When it comes to how long teens should play video games for, there are a couple of factors that should be considered. For example, is your teen playing the game alone in a dark room, being very anti-social, or playing the game with siblings or friends through an online enabled game? If your teen is being social while playing the game, and using it to interact with other people, it might be a sign that it isn't too harmful to allow your teen to play an extra half hour or so each night.

Can You Be Addicted to Video Games?

Video game addiction is a serious condition that can affect your teen, so it would be a good idea to make sure that your teen isn't allowed to play video games until they have completed homework. Make sure that your teen isn't sitting down for extended periods of time, and that they are exercising at least a few times each week. Keep in mind that playing a game yourself will ultimately give you the best idea if the game is acceptable or not.

If your teen is showing signs of addiction, anger problems, social anxiety or any other issue that you think could be affecting them, it is entirely within your power to take away their video game console for a while until they get over their problems. If an unfavorable reaction results from you taking their console away, then you know that it is a good decision and they may have been dependent on the game.

As previously mentioned, it is ultimately a parent's decision on how much and which video games should be played by a teen. However, if taken in moderation and responsibly, video games can provide exactly what they are designed to provide: entertainment.

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